#brandNewDay music production- 1 May 2021!
We are happy to announce that our music production is finally happening. 

It has been a long 6 months of uncertainty and waiting, but the day is drawing closer. As a team, we were amazed at the trust that all of our supporters have in us. Despite the times we are living in, everyone was eagerly anticipating this event.

Thank you so much for all your love and support!!

See you on 1 May 🙂

*Please note: The concert VENUE HAS CHANGED TO, 53 Muscat Road, Saxenberg Park, Blackheath*

You are welcome to contact info@worldofworship.co.za or Warren on 071 606 7146 should you have any further questions.
About Us
Edify, Educate and Empower

We use our resources and abilities to Edify, Educate and Empower those around us. At the same time we try and build sustainable and effective relationships with those we meet on our way.

Our music extends our message far beyond our borders and this enables to build international partnerships.

We learn, grow and then share 🙂

Our Music
Cover Me C
Cover Me

Forgiven TuneCore

Now More Than Ever