upcoming #brandNewDay music production!

What a year it has been! so many things happening to so many of us. We can truly say that it is a miracle that we are STILL STANDING 🙂

We praise God for His grace and love, and we will be showcasing our gratitude on 18th December 2020, with a production themed BRAND NEW DAY!

It's been a tough year with dark times, but joy comes in the morning, the sun will shine again and we are proclaiming a BRAND NEW DAY in our lives. We are expecting a manifestation of God's power and hope that you will be there to worship with us!

Book your tickets at Info@worldofworship.co.za or Whatsapp +27716067146. Tickets are limited to 200 and costs R150 🙂

About Us
Edify, Educate and Empower

We use our resources and abilities to Edify, Educate and Empower those around us. At the same time we try and build sustainable and effective relationships with those we meet on our way.

Our music extends our message far beyond our borders and this enables to build international partnerships.

We learn, grow and then share 🙂

Our music
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